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Participants will develop media arts and media literacy skills, becoming critical viewers– responding and connecting to works of media arts, and becoming intentional creators, using and refining different mediums to convey story and content, individually and collaboratively. 

We work with districts and schools to bring Media Literacy Education to teachers, through professional development in media arts. We focus on filmmaking and podcasting, facilitating or helping teachers facilitate short, subject-related media pieces that motivate students and deepen learning. A few of our workshops and courses are listed below. 

The courses are 15 hours = 1 Lane Change Credit and consist of 6-8 hours of online live instruction; 5-7project hours; and 2 hour presentation/ exhibition session. The workshops are 2 hours (eg. Navigating Copyright and Enhancing Creativity in Your Classroom) and can be applied to relicensure credit.

We also design customized courses and workshops to meet your professional development needs:  


The Institute provides professional development to teachers in podcasting (online or face-to-face), providing teachers with a new teaching strategy to implement with their students, or to use themselves to document their quarter or semester. For instance, we encourage teachers to work with a pod of students who will create a podcast or series of podcasts made up of peer interviews about their experience in choir, woven together with samples of choir music. The podcasts can also be instructional, demonstrating how the altos and the sopranos work together to create a balanced sound.


Integrating filmmaking into educational settings as a teaching and learning tool strengthens teacher practice and improves student media literacy skills, engagement, comprehension, communication, and critical thinking skills, while supporting core curriculum requirements for arts education. 

The Institute provides professional development to teachers in filmmaking, teaching them the fundamentals of filmmaking and digital storytelling by taking them through the process, from pre-production, to production, to post-production. We provide a hands-on experience with a lesson on enhancing creativity in the classroom, along with integrated lesson plans to help teachers effectively teach content using this digital artform.

Click here and write us; let us know what professional development services you would like in your school or district and we will get right back with you to discuss opportunities, prices and scheduling.


Thank you so much[...] Such great information and resources!
Truly invaluable :-)

Natalie Dallimore
Teacher, Granite School District

That was fantastic. Thank you so much!!!!

Sarah Whiting

Dance Teacher, Wasatch Jr. High

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