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We combine making short docs with teachers and students with core curriculum, providing experiences that deepen learning while enhancing storytelling and media literacy skills.


"Best Self" was a multi-tiered project that started with a teacher training in integrating filmmaking into content instruction. We trained 4 teachers and the principal from Garfield School in the basics and then focused on mentoring them as they formed a film club, and started working with their students on this short documentary about one of their classmates. The filming was a joint effort - our production crew helped get some of the B-roll of Gerome at home and at the family-owned Bruges Waffles where he works. The students and teachers did some editing and we created the final cut, which then screened at the Rose Theater tying into an event that aimed to demonstrate how people with disabilities can not only be productive members of society, but also bring something unique and beautiful to our lives.



This project was for West Valley Arts (formerly the Utah Cultural Celebration Center) ARTrageous Online Education initiative. Here we identified "Thought Leaders" in the community on their work in science, art, social justice, environmental issues and more. Our production crew filmed them and working with mentors from the Board of Education as well as some teachers, we wrote accompanying standards-linked curriculum modules to be used cross-curricularly in classrooms across the world. The curriculum always includes a related art project to engage students creatively. Here is a sample video and curriculum module featuring a Salt Lake based artist in her 90's, Pilar Pobil, who grew up in Spain during the Spanish Civil War. The accompanying curriculum module below teaches students about the Spanish Civil War and how art was integral to bringing world attention to the atrocities going on in Spain at the time.

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