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Sheri Quinn Gibbs is a journalist in the public radio arena and is the founder of the statewide science radio show SQ Radio, and KIAN (the first science show on community radio in Salt Lake City). Her reporting has taken her across the United States and to the deep jungle of Paraguay, where she learned to appreciate eating bugs and living off the grid. After a stint as a reporter and news director on the Lost Coast in rural redwood country, Sheri is back in SLC producing radio and teaching youth storytelling through the medium of podcasting. Salt Lakers often spot her frequenting cafes and trails with her Great Pyrenees.

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Suzanne Montgomery is a noted media arts educator in Utah. She co-founded SQ Radio and founded the youth podcast program SQuid. She has developed curriculum for numerous educational institutions and facilities including the University of Utah, Brigham Young University, Spy Hop, Higher Ground Learning, where she was director for many years, and multiple K-12 schools. She mentors teachers and youth in the technology and art of film making and radio/podcast. She is currently producing a series of podcasts with incarcerated youth. She has a beloved beagle named Pyle that she rescued while SQ was on an assignment in West Virginia, documenting the impacts of fracking on the communities and families.



Jiovani Medina is a multi-disciplinary media production specialist with years of film industry experience under his belt. He currently works freelance as a commercial director/producer, but his skills extend to many areas of film production including cinematography, audio capture, writing, photography, editing, and more. 
Since he moved to Utah in 2013 from his home state of Minnesota, Jiovani has made it his mission to promote diversity in the entertainment industry and empower young artists through education. He has spent the last several years teaching media literacy in under-served communities, and now continues his mission with the Montgomery Media Arts Institute.



Tamrika Khvtisiashvili was born and raised in Soviet Georgia and Russia. The conservative culture of Georgia left a reactive imprint on her as she has continued to find her voice in America. Through various geographies and undertakings, filmmaking and radio has been a consistent thread in her life. She started to make films when she was 12 as part of Pioneer Film Collective in Tbilisi, Georgia. Since then through her various careers in and outside of academia, she has continued to film and document. As she pursued her career, she did fieldwork in remote areas of the world: Daghestan, Azerbaijan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, studying indigenous and endangered languages. She spent years observing and recreating stories that she encountered and stories she has lived. These retellings happened through her academic work, but other times through her art, photography, writing, and what she is most passionate about, sound pieces and film.

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 Stephanie Chatelain is a freelance videographer and editor. She is currently attending Salt Lake Community College where she is honing her skills. She loves working on short films. She has worked in and enjoyed every role of the process. She loves the collaborative art of filmmaking, especially if the end product helps expand the viewers worldview. She is a mother of four children whom she adores. Long, weird conversations with her family are her other favorite thing to do. 

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