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The Montgomery Media Arts Institute trains teams or professional individuals, teachers, and students in podcasting, taking you step-by-step through pre-production, production and post-production, teaching you what you need to create your own podcast from start to finish. We offer online courses (scroll down to see our course offerings and outline) and for teams, can customize a course to accommodate schedules and other needs.

In addition, and in the name of Media Literacy Education, the Institute provides professional development to teachers in podcasting (online or face-to-face), providing teachers with another teaching tool to implement with their students, or to use themselves to document and present their students' performances and other work. For instance, in an eighth grade English class, we facilitated peer-to-peer interviews, and created a personal response podcast around issues brought up by a novel they were reading in class. Or, with some basics training, identifying a pod of student podcasters who are charged with creating a podcast or a series about choir: choir member interviews woven together with samples of choir music, maybe with an instructional component, demonstrating how the altos and the sopranos work together to create a balanced sound.

We also work directly with youth and mentor them as they create podcasts, enhancing content instruction. In a recent project, we worked in tandem with University of Utah biologists, bringing science and voice to teens in youth-in-care facilities. They explored the science through multiple art forms, one of which was producing a podcast series called "Wake-Up Call!" about the five major threats (extinction, biodiversity loss, overconsumption, climate change, and pollution) identified by a group of Stanford scientists, to life on our planet. Click here to listen and read our testimonials below to see what these teens had to say about making the podcast series.

I loved being in your group! It was great working with you! Very inspiring!

S, Teen Participant

Thank you so much for coming and teaching us about biodiversity and about podcasting

K, Teen Participant

Thank you so much. I loved using my voice in this problem.

D, Teen Participant

Thank you so much. I loved using my voice in this problem.

D, Teen Participant


Interested in learning how to podcast? Check out the courses we've led, and please click HOST THIS COURSE if you are interested in us bringing our courses to you.

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Listen to the podcasts written, voiced and edited by the women who took the class! None of them had ever produced a podcast before and they turned out AMAZING! Topics range from an African love affair to how she lost 100 pounds to a fictional tale under the gymnasium stage and more! COMMUNITY PODCAST COURSE PODCASTS


Course Overview

Whether you are looking to host an organization-wide or individual podcast; whether you want to reach a local or national audience– this course will help you all use audio storytelling techniques to initiate deep and rich discussions and enhance personal and professional public engagement. We will take you through making a podcast step-by-step moving through pre-production, production and post-production. All participants will leave understanding what goes into a podcast, and how a podcast is made from start to finish. You will also learn and practice technical and audio storytelling skills that lend to a professional sounding story. 


Course Content

The course is made up of 10 online live 60-minute sessions with practice assignments that you can do on your own time between weekly sessions. Each participant will have access to a mentor who can be contacted for extra help with these assignments. You will receive multiple reference resources along the way that you can choose to download for future use.


Course Preparation


  • Prior to the first session of any podcasting course, we will send you an email with instructions on how to add yourself to the class roster, and how to access weekly practice assignments and handouts you will need to reference for each session.

  • You will need internet access and a quiet place for online classes once a week. 

  • Once you are in the class portal, you will need to read through Session1 and follow the instructions prior to Session 1. 

  • You will need to download the following software: Reaper 64; Zoom; Any File Converter- Windows, Mac


Course Sessions


If you are a team taking this course we can customize the sessions to meet specific organizational needs. 

Our Standard Course:

Session 1: Orientation

Session 2:  Welcome to the World of Podcasting

Session 3: Choosing and Pitching a Topic

Session 4: Equipment and File Management

Session 5: The Art of Interviewing

Session 6: Copyright/Copyleft & Fair Use

Session 7: Scripting, Voicing, and Branding

Session 8: Audio Editing 

Session 9: Mixing and Marketing

Session 10: Developing Your Concept & Exhibition Listening Party!



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