The Montgomery Media Arts Institute is dedicated to advancing media literacy education through media arts (film and podcasting) curriculum, teacher professional development, and youth advocacy projects that address environmental issues, promote social justice, and encourage civic engagement. 



The Institute uses digital arts as an avenue to enhance teaching and learning. We focus on filmmaking and podcasting, facilitating or helping teachers facilitate short, subject-related media pieces that motivate students and deepen learning. This process of learning these media literacy skills is media education, and our Institute serves as a media literacy resource. We offer individual or group courses and professional development training.
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The Montgomery Media Arts Institute Brings Something New to the Table

We want to help keep education relevant and prepare young people to be active, confident, articulate, responsible citizens. Telling stories is a personal and powerful way to share what they are studying and learning. Sharing their knowledge with the world through film and podcasts is a necessary literacy. It builds technical skills. It is also an avenue of expression and a path to engagement and activism.


We celebrate students sharing their voice and perspectives on important issues. We celebrate students and teachers using technologies meaningfully, collaboratively. We support students and teachers with a fresh breath of air.


Classrooms need contact with the outside world to bring life, laughter, cool ideas, new faces, different perspectives in and out.

We come in; stories go out.

Quite simply put-Suzi Montgomery is a force of nature. Her innate capacity for Media Arts education is unmatched; her incredible ability to tap into the human soul is even more remarkable. For reticent, precocious kids from the West side whose stories are often told for them, Suzi's purely authentic persona drew them in like bees to the nectar of a beautiful flower. Although my students have a keen knack for sizing adults up with one glance, her gentle cajoling and patience allowed my students to feel safe enough to share their stories with Suzi. These stories were sometimes funny, sometimes bold, and most times heartbreaking. Yet, Suzi was delicate with their experiences and found a way to weave their voices into a larger tapestry of the pain, progress, and potential that make up the human story.  Because Suzi volunteered her own time to create a Podcast with my students, they inevitably became more comfortable with their own voice, and they found strength to tell their story-their way. I, along with my students, are indebted to Ms. Montgomery for her expertise, dedication, and valuable time spent creating stories that will last for generations to come.

Aliyah Bacca - 8th grade English Teacher, Northwest Middle School


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